When Our Channel is Clogged

There is an energetic field of creation all around us and in us. When we are connected to this life force we feel alive, full of hope, joy, and peace. This creative field holds the energy of all our hopes, dreams, and desires. When you feel desire and dreams in your body, this is your […]

It’s Easier to Hide

It's Easier to Hide | Janice Holland

As I continue down the road of freedom, abundance and love, I find myself circling back to the same core challenge over and over again…

Why is Love so Messy?

True connection with people is messy, complicated, and vulnerable. You can take away these elements to feel safe, but you are …

Religion Can be Deceptive

This message is for all the good girls out there (or for the girl who tries as hard as she can to be seen as good). If you grew up in church like me…

You are not Crazy

How many times have you second guessed yourself because you assume that you must be crazy? How many times have you silenced your voice …


When we grow up in an environment where our needs are not seen or heard, we typically don’t even realize something is missing. Sometimes this causes people to

Self Abuse

Have you ever wondered why so many of us spend so much of our time feeling like we aren’t enough? Maybe it isn’t even a conscious reality for many of us…

Can I Redeem My Past?

Can I Redeem My Past? - Blog Post by Janice Holland - Counseling & Consulting

Many times our drive and determination, the decisions we make in life, come from a desire to redeem our past…

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