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This message is for all the good girls out there (or for the girl who tries as hard as she can to be seen as good). If you grew up in church like me…
How many times have you second guessed yourself because you assume that you must be crazy? How many times have you silenced your voice …
Every day you compromise on not getting your needs met for the sake of someone else is another day you will have to forgive yourself
The challenge is born from our desperate need to validate our feelings and experiences. It often feels like we are invalidating ourselves if we let go…
When we grow up in an environment where our needs are not seen or heard, we typically don’t even realize something is missing. Sometimes this causes people to
Have you ever wondered why so many of us spend so much of our time feeling like we aren’t enough? Maybe it isn’t even a conscious reality for many of us…
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“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”
- Carl Jung

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Discovery Consultation

One-on-one counseling consultations. Training for schools and organizations on trauma informed practices, and individual case management advice for practitioners.

Individual Counseling

Private practice counseling children, teens and adults on a wide variety of interpersonal issues since 2010. Click below to learn more about my approach.

School Counselor Support

I would love to support you and your school as you work to meet the needs of your students and staff. Together we can develop an action plan for implementation.

Mental Health Support

I partner with individuals and companies to provide trauma informed training and implementation. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.