Courageous Woman Program - 90 Day Transformation from Surviving to Thriving.

Overcome the pain of your past, and escape religious and generational oppression. Rewire, reinvent and rebuild your life in 90 Days!.

Has anyone ever told you to let the past go, keep the faith, and live fully in the moment? Have you ever felt frustrated, tired, guilty, and ashamed because no matter how hard you tried, you still felt empty and broken?

Your path to abundance

90 Day Transformation from
Surviving to Thriving!

What is wrong with me?

Let's get one thing clear, beauty. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not crazy;
you are not too much. You are experiencing a normal reaction to the things that have
happened in your life when you didn’t have the tools to manage or process them. You
are not bad, broken or unworthy.  You are grieving. If we grow up in an environment
where we are not allowed to grieve or not be ok, our emotions and our bodies have to
let it out somehow.

How others see me and respond to me?

Many of us employ protective strategies to ensure we keep ourselves
safe. If you think about it, this is a pretty brilliant approach. We are in an

overwhelming situation which we can’t control, so we find a way to re-
gain a sense of control and safety. However, over time, our protective

strategies start to cause more problems for us. Others start to respond
to our protective strategies causing disconnection and isolation.

Why do I feel so empty inside?

The bottom line, beauty, is that we are mammals. We are hard-wired for love
and connection. We have to have deep, meaningful, authentic soul connections
in order to feel warm, whole, abundant and free. When we employ the
protective coping strategies, we disengage from our
connection to others. Again, it makes sense in the short term. We needed the
strategy to be safe. In the long run however, it forces us to stay disconnected
and hidden from meaningful love and abundance.

Undoing old patterns.

Changing patterns is hard work. At the beginning of doing
anything new, we have the energy and excitement to keep us optimistic
and strong (hello diet culture), but then over time, we start to feel the strain,
frustration and pain of not relying on the old pattern. This is human nature.
Our brains are wired for the path of least resistance. Our body system likes
what it knows, even if it isn’t the healthiest for us. You are courageous sister! Circle back to your
why - why are you doing this? I promise the joy and abundance that comes
with re-wiring your heart and your head is so worth it! 

Making space for something new.

If you are anything like me, you will find this phase pretty challenging. When we
decide we want to change our old patterns to make space for abundance and
joy, we end up with this period of time where we know what we don’t want, but
we don’t yet know what we do want. The challenge here is to make space. Allow
for the unknown. Refuse to repeat the old coping patterns even without knowing
exactly what will replace them. The ambivalence of this time is really scary and
frustrating. It takes extreme intentionality to stay here and let the goodness of
warm love and abundance slowly fill the space. But when you allow yourself to
not know, and keep seeking your heart for what is nurturing, you will change your life!

Living in abundance and freedom.

You did it beauty! I am so proud of you and I really hope that you are proud of yourself too! Making
it through this difficult work is only for the most courageous among us. Many are
willing to settle for the old patterns that they know without letting go to achieve
the joy and abundance that comes with freedom. No judgement for them, and
plenty of joy and celebration for you! I wish that I could tell you that your work is
done. Oh how I wish life were that simple. This will take continuous refining,
beauty. We all have to revisit all of these concepts over and over; healing old
wounds and rewiring old patterns. The hardest part is behind you though. You
have done the initial work and now it is a cyclical process as your heart and mind
reveal what still needs to be healed. Celebrate your hard work by
doing something for yourself that fills your heart with warmth and joy.

you are perfect just the way you are

Self Love is your Super Power!

Imagine experiencing a healing so deep that it changes everything about the way you see and feel within yourself. It is time to leave all of those feelings of pain, worthlessness, and shame in the past. I will guide you on a potent and transformative journey of healing like you have never experienced. It will change your interactions with your children, family, friends, and the world. Right now, it’s possible you’re feeling empty, broken, and numb. You are experiencing so much guilt and shame because going to church, reading your Bible, and attending small groups aren’t helping the pain and emptiness you feel inside. You may be feeling the oppression of taking care of and pleasing everyone around you. The guilt you feel for being unhappy in the middle of your beautiful life keeps you disconnected and tormented inside. It’s like you’re on an endless cycle of self-sabotage, guilt, shame, and working hard to do good. Every time you reach out for support, you end up feeling more guilt and shame because the more you do, the more empty you feel.

find Your way

The Change starts within Yourself.

You cannot work your way into abundance, harmony, and beauty. It’s time for you to feel at peace, alive, joyful, and abundant within yourself. Gone are the days of scarcity, isolation, and loneliness. Gone are the days of striving to please God and the people in your life. You are not crazy. There is nothing wrong with you. You are loved, whole, and complete just the way you are. The creator of this universe doesn’t need you to do or prove anything. You are already fully loved and complete just the way you are.

Few can understand the complexities of helping women who have been marginalized and traumatized for most of their life. It takes a specific skill set and training to help women break free from these bonds of oppression. I am here to help, beauty! I have been to hell and back myself, and I have done the work of healing and gained the understanding to help you break free!

Courageous woman program

Over the next 90 days, you will:

love yourself enough to set boundaries.

Gain awareness of the experiences that caused you to disconnect from your heart and move into overworking for love and acceptance. You will safely release that overwork, creating a pathway forward to receiving love, light, joy, and abundance. This light will overflow out of you and spill into everyone around you.

learn how not to run away from love but towards it.

Shift from feeling like the only way to feel ‘you’ again is by running away from everything and everyone you love to feeling full of life right in the middle of who you are today. Reconnect with and act on your intuitive senses and build a strong foundation to confidently leave old beliefs behind as you rise to the woman you were created to be!

Gain tools and understanding on how to show up as yourself.

Gain understanding on how the way you show up in the world impacts the way others see you and respond to you. Gain tools and understanding on how to show up as yourself and learn how it will change the way others see and respond to you. If you want to be treated like a queen beauty, you have to know how to show up as one!

Learn the value of leaning back into your divine feminine energy.

Learn the value of leaning back into your divine feminine energy and allowing the full expression of who you are to come alive from within. You will learn the power you hold as a woman in just being and receiving. From here forward it is all about living your life with grace and ease from abundance.


End repetitive self-destructive patterns. It’s time to let go of those old coping strategies, beauty! Move from feeling numb, guilty, and burdened to alive, light, joyful, and abundant—aware of your true self! You will begin attracting people into your orbit who are loving, giving, joyful, and abundant rather than those who continue to drain your energy. You will gain the tools to set empowering, healthy boundaries and wake up each morning feeling more alive than ever.


Lose the religious and societal ideology for who you are meant to be and listen to the divine speak from within and awaken who you are. Rip off the binding patriarchal BS and allow the beautiful, radiant, free-flowing feminine energy to rise from within.

"I’ll save you thousands of dollars in therapy - being happy has nothing to do with your behavior and good choices and everything to do with getting the masterful support you need to rebuild your life."

- Janice Holland

you are in good hands

Hello, I am Janice Holland!

My name is Janice Holland, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Trauma Model Therapist. I have helped countless women find freedom from patterns of over-giving, people-pleasing, or feeling dead inside, to a life full of joy, meaning, and abundance.

I have been there, beauty. I spent many years of my adult life recovering from the trauma of my childhood. I worked so hard to be the “good girl” to earn love, favor, and acceptance. I worked tirelessly to be good for God, my pastors, parents, husband, children, and anyone else from whom I thought I needed love and acceptance. This pattern brought nothing but more pain and loneliness into my life. I had a constant stream of emotional vampires everywhere I went. People wanted me to help them, fix them, and take care of their needs without anything in return. I was drained, lonely, and exhausted all the time. All while feeling so guilty because I had a beautiful family and, what others would consider, a beautiful life.

Most therapists I went to weren’t very helpful. They didn’t understand the complexities of compounding trauma, religious oppression, or how working hard only perpetuated the problem. If you have sought help from counselors, pastors, teachers, and healers only to feel even more isolated and stuck—I see you. I have been through it too. I took matters into my own hands and went to school to learn the psychology of compounding trauma. I moved out of my home culture, which allowed me to see the tormenting demands patriarchal, religious culture has on women’s beautiful, tender hearts. I went through years and years of seeking help everywhere I could find. I spent years trying to fix problems that weren’t problems at all. You are not a problem, beauty. Your attitude, your heart, nothing about you is a problem. I learned this the long, hard way.

The good news is you don’t have to do years of frustrating searching and testing to see what will help. I have already been through it and can help you find your way back to yourself. I can help you ditch that nagging feeling of isolation and loneliness forever. You are whole and complete just the way you are. It is time to do the work of true transformative healing so you can connect with the whole, complete woman inside—the woman who was created to be light and free, full of joy, laughter, and abundance. She is in there screaming to get out. It’s time to let her out, beauty!

Professional Counselor and Certified Trauma Model Therapist

Creating a better future for a
better you!

I have a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from New York University and am a Certified Trauma Model Therapist through the Ross Institute. These fancy degrees and certifications definitely help me, but my real, transformative work comes from the healing journey I have been on myself. I have a deep love for myself and a transformative, powerful relationship with the divine. I connect deeply with the women I serve and hold space for the growth that comes with grieving the past and embracing the truth of who you are. I genuinely love to serve women. Each woman I serve and assist in bringing into her fullness, brings more joy and abundance into my life as well. There is no need for you to stay stuck in pain and loneliness anymore. Invest in yourself and gain the tools to feel more alive than you have ever felt before.

Everyone deserves care.

Why Work with Me?

Professional Care

I have a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from New York University and am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Trauma Model Therapist.

Strong Experience

I have been successfully helping women break free from religious oppression, conservative culture, and trauma of their past and live in abundance and joy since 2009.

Great Understanding

I grew up under the religious/ conservative oppression of women and suffered from abuse and trauma my entire childhood. I know the pain of feeling lonely and isolated.

Support with Purpose

I know what it feels like to be stuck in the middle of your life with no way out. I will meet you there and help you find comfort, light, and life from within.  I am an exceptional space holder and know the way home to peace and your sacred feminine heart.


What Do My Clients Say?

Let’s Chat

Come to Life!

You don’t have to feel numb inside.

I’ll save you thousands of dollars in therapy – being happy has nothing to do with your behavior and good choices.

Being happy is about coming home to your heart. True contentment, abundant life giving joy comes from aligning your mind with your heart and falling in love with yourself. From this place, joy, life, abundance, and freedom overflow into everything and everyone around you.

Imagine waking up feeling full of abundance and joy. This is possible beauty, and I have the tools to help you get there. I have a 6 week transformational journey that will provide all the tools necessary. Book a FREE call with me today to discuss your circumstances and decide if this program is a good fit for you!

Talk to you soon gorgeous…

Why Work With Me?

Not every therapist :

  • Is certified in Trauma Model Therapy
  • Had to overcome abuse, neglect and religious oppression of the past by facing her shadow and spending thousands of dollars in therapy until she found what worked
  • Knows how to hold space for deep and lasting transformation
  • Is understanding and non-judgemental because she started from the bottom and experienced the pain of being rejected and abandoned before finding the resilience within to stand in her own power. 
  • Has a solid framework to support your divine healing with ease and love

I would like to stay connected with you!

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