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Leave the predictable outcomes and fly

What do you do when you want a big change? What do you do when you want to be fully who you are, but you have no idea how to make it happen? You read all the books, join the programs, set your intentions, but the actual how – and the actual change – just keeps slipping through your fingers. You see people all around you, mostly in the media, who somehow made it happen… So why not you? 

This is the hardest part of manifesting, but honestly, it’s the whole point. If we could just automatically see something, or make it happen, then we would only develop to be half the human we could actually be. The growth happens in the middle. The growth happens in the waiting and believing. In the time between seeing the vision and the reality of it manifesting, we transform into the person who can carry out the vision. 

It is in the time where we are living completely on faith that we dig deep within ourselves and truly create. We get honest about our fears and face them. We spend hours thinking and journaling about what we really believe and what we really want to offer the world. Manifesting the life of your dreams takes guts. It takes courage and devotion. It requires you to get up every time you fall. It is brave and tenacious. Most people won’t do it. 

Most people succumb to fear. Most people are lazy and want to hit the easy button, coasting through life with predictable outcomes. I am not most people. I am so f***ing bored with predictable outcomes. That being said, I have faced fear like never before in the last 5 months and wrestle with it daily. I am making some choices that put all my bets on me. I am challenging my old belief systems and putting full faith and trust in the laws of attraction, believing in the very best outcome for me. 

I have a general idea of what I would like that outcome to be, but really, I am letting The Universe take my desires and manifest them in a way that is just perfect for me. I don’t know the details, I don’t know how long it will take, I don’t know how it will all play out, but I do know that I love adventure. I love traveling and living in different cultures. I love speaking, teaching, and training, and I really love watching and helping people become free. I love providing the tools, resources, and knowledge that allow people to transform into the version of themselves they always wanted to be but didn’t know how. 

What is it you dream of doing, but don’t think you can? What is it you wish you could do, have, be, but let go because you don’t think it’s for you? I can’t help but wonder how amazing this world would be if everyone believed in their vision and did the faith work to manifest it into reality. We would have cures for every disease, food for every hungry person, and a planet full of never-ending joy. 

For so long I thought suffering meant you were “doing it right”. I thought suffering and working hard was the way to manifesting a life worth having. This is a lie so many of us believe. It is a lie that is born from scarcity and fear and passed down from generation to generation. It is exciting to be the first generation in a long line of amazing people on both sides of my family who knows she doesn’t have to choose living in scarcity. Every time I make the choice in faith to live in abundance and joy, I see the generations of women on both sides of my family cheering me on. They get it now, and they are so excited I am changing the legacy. 

I am here to change the legacy for as many family lines as I can. I am here to direct women out of suffering, fear, and scarcity and into joy, abundance, and pleasure. There is no gold star for staying stuck in fear. There is no gold star for working hard just to get by. You can change your life through faith. You can manifest the life of your wildest dreams through believing that you are made for more and stepping out in faith to make it happen. 

Many people think I’m crazy, but some are watching with the slightest bit of hope, waiting to see if “it works”. I can tell you it does because it already is. I have learned quickly to create my own definitions of success and ignore the opinion of everyone else. It isn’t easy. I am constantly navigating roadblocks and barriers, but it is absolutely worth it. My greatest joy would be to have trailblazed a gateway of faith for anyone who wants to follow. 

Leave the predictable outcomes to a life you don’t want to live to the generations before us. They didn’t know better and built a foundation for us to stand on. I’m grateful for the hard work ethic that both of my family history lines instilled in me, and I am taking it from here and doing it my way. I choose to believe that the desires of my heart are who I am truly created to be. I choose to believe that all my life experiences have prepared me to lead people out of suffering. It is for freedom we have been set free. I am free and I choose to believe through faith that the moment I step fully out of the safety net of predictability, I’ll spread my wings and fly. 

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