The Roadmap to Abundance!

Recently I have been doing a lot of content planning for speaking events that I have coming up. I truly love sharing what I have learned about trauma and I think of myself as an ambassador for the broken-hearted. My goals are to communicate to as many people as possible what it feels like to be broken-hearted by life and to offer the most effective tools that will help each individual recover. 

Every person and personality is different. There are many factors, angles, and perspectives to consider when we think about why this is the case, but I have also found that there are common themes among all of us. I have found six themes to be exact, and I am so excited about how they can help people understand themselves better. 

In my experience, without something to ground me or some sort of roadmap to follow, I get lost for long periods of time in doubt, random bunny trails, or simply looking at shiny new objects. I think this may be my biggest struggle. Shiny new objects. I tend to be someone who loves to research and learn, and I am always looking for something new to challenge my thought process. I love new information, new cultures, new cities, new places to live, new restaurants, new clothes, new, new, new. I find it so exciting. I think that this is an inherent part of my personality and there are many great things that come with my constant search for new discoveries. However, every source of light has a shadow and there is definitely a shadow to always seeking something new. I tend to have a lack of grounding. There is a depth that is missing when you don’t sit with something for too long. It has taken me YEARS to finally be in a place of recovery where I am thriving more than surviving. I started my therapeutic journey in 2004 after the birth of my first son. This means I have been looking and searching for healing for almost 20 years. I have learned so much and I am so grateful for all the growth that I have experienced, but I am still grieving the amount of time it took. Of course, I know that I tstill have a lot of life to live, but I also know that there were years of pain and struggle that I still need to grieve. 

In creating the healing program for my clients, I desperately wanted to create a roadmap that would help them stay focused and grounded as they grieve the past and allow more of who they are to emerge and learn to express themselves more fully. It is so easy to get lost in the process. There are so many healing professionals out there who mean well, but often get lost in the process with their clients. They set goals in the initial session and then get lost in the story of the client. I wanted to create something that allows women to understand what happened in the past, to process and grieve that reality, and then understand what needs to happen to live a fully free and abundant life. I was looking for the fastest and most effective way to help women through this process. I went back and looked through my journals and thought through the countless stories I have heard from clients desperately seeking answers and healing. 

Through all this research and reflection I created the roadmap that I wish I had had when I was in the deepest part of my healing journey. When we can understand with our mind and feel with our heart we are POWERFUL and mighty in fully expressing who we are. 

Here are the six phases that I identified and developed. Every bit of healing I experienced is within one of these phases, and for every client I have ever worked with it is the same. Now, when I am triggered or frustrated or need to peel another layer of the onion back, I can always identify which phase it fits into and it helps me so much in understanding my process and staying focused on the heart work that needs to happen. My clients are finding so much LIFE in this process as well! Join us in the journey to the fullest expression of who you have been created to be! 

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