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Complex Trauma and The Rescuers Response

Some key points from my article is that complex trauma survivors often have a chronic sense of emptiness and apathy toward life.

They compensate for their loss and experiences by over-working, over-giving, and ignoring their own needs… and develop superpowers in this process.

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Janice Holland: The Influential Creatrix Podcast With Rita Egidio

Join me as we explore the inner workings of self-care, how one pivots in the journey of motherhood, and how I found myself as the voice for the brokenhearted.

Together we will tap back into the things that used to bring you joy so you can reconnect back to that part of yourself.

Learn to be patient and gracious while saying no in an effort to set boundaries, which are almost always rooted in our fear of rejection. Do the healing work needed so you can stop chasing other people’s perception of best and discover your version of it.

Responsive Services With A Trauma Informed Lens

Trauma is any overwhelming experience we encounter that we don’t have the capacity to contain or process.

This webinar we define trauma and understand the behaviors of students and staff in trauma response, learn how to prioritize student needs and offer support, support staff through crisis and effectively communicate with admin on staff needs.

We also talk about how to engage in self care and why it is important and go over trauma-informed resources.

How I Reframed Letting Go So I Could Move on from My Painful Past

We are truly free when we let go of the hope that the past could or should have been any different than it was. This is so hard.

The challenge is born from our desperate need to validate our feelings and experiences. It often feels like we are invalidating ourselves if we let go of the hope that the past should have been different. We have been through hell, experienced things most people don’t know about, and it initially feels so devastating to think of just letting it go like it never happened. Where is the justice in that?

Failure as a Mother: A Message for All Mothers That Feel Life Failures

I know many mamas out there know exactly what I’m talking about. The feelings are so big and so multifaceted. I am thinking about him launching into adulthood and wondering if he is ready. Does he know how to live on his own?

Will he eat, sleep, study, and make friends? I could easily drown in the worry from that alone, but then my heart gets pulled to the past.

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